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Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5
  • Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5

    Need durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant power for all your outdoor adventures?  The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 is the solution you've been looking for.  Built with the safest and most reliable 12-volt lithium battery technology, the Pro 12.5 delivers over 150 watt-hours of energy through four different power ports.  Whether you're powering your fishfinder and GoPros on the water, your favorite camping and hunting accessories, or just charging your cellphones and tablets, the Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 has you covered.  


    The lithium battery technology of the Pro 12.5 allows it to weigh half as much as a traditional sealed lead acid battery while lasting up to four times as long.  The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 is proudly assembled right here in the USA.

    • Battery:

      • 12-volt, 12.5 amp hours
      • 150 Watt Hours
      • LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery Chemistry


      • 2 - USB Quick Charge 3.0 Ports w/ Digitial Volt Meter
      • 1 - 12-volt Car Accessory Port
      • 1 - 12-volt SAE Quick Disconnect Port


      • Fully Weather Resistant
      • Internal Battery Management System
      • Up to 80% capacity after 3,000 charge cycles


      • Over-voltage protection
      • Under-voltage protection
      • Over-current protection
      • Short circuit protection


      • L 6.85in x H 3.85in x W 4.35in
      • 3.65 lb
    $199.99 Regular Price
    $149.99Sale Price
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