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The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5

The battery designed for the avid outdoorsman.

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The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 is a battery pack designed with the avid outdoorsman in mind.  The Pro 12.5 is lightweight, compact, weather-resistant and capable of delivering incredible battery life, all while being feature packed and an incredible value.  On top of all of that, the Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 is built right here in the USA.

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The 12-volt SAE Quick Disconnect port is perfect for powering all of the most popular electronics that would normally be hard wired to a traditional 12-volt battery.  The two USB Quick Charge 3.0 ports ensure that you can charge USB devices, such as cell phones, tablets and Go Pro cameras, with incredible speed.  A 12-volt car auxiliary port allows for nearly unlimited expandability via accessories and adapters.  


Want to know how much charge is left in your Juicebox?  No problem.  The digital voltmeter allows you to know how much juice you have left.  

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The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 comes with a premium neoprene carrying case.  This case features a non-slip bottom and an adjustable nylon strap, along with two D-rings that can be used to tie down the Pro 12.5 in nearly any situation.  

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The Juicebox Lithium Pro 12.5 also comes with a charger, SAE cable, fuses and two waterproof connectors. 

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Due to restrictions on shipping lithium-ion batteries, we can currently only ship to addresses in the 48 states of the contiguous United States.

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